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Frequently asked questions

Please contact us when you have questions that haven’t been answered below!

Will you sail everywhere?2022-05-19T11:32:39+02:00

We sail wherever it is allowed. Of course there are limitations such as speed, nature and depth. We will contact you in advance about your wishes and needs, after which we will investigate what is and what is not possible and provide you with feedback.

Will we sail if it rains, freezes and/or storms?2022-05-19T11:21:47+02:00

We will always consult with you when the weather conditions approach the limit of what is fun or pleasant. The skipper can always decide for himself not to go out on the water when safety is threatened.

Why should I choose a Coach rib from Ribrental?2022-05-19T11:38:19+02:00

Our ribs have somewhat heavier engines than our colleagues’ ribs. This is because our rental ribs are often slightly larger and heavier. A conscious choice, so we guarantee that you can safely do your work on the water even under poorer conditions.

When is there a skipper on board?2022-05-19T11:39:12+02:00

All boats that we rent out can also be rented including a skipper. All Ribrental boats from 7 meters have P&I coverage and cannot be rented from us without a skipper.

When is it no safe to sail with us?2022-05-19T11:25:54+02:00

We do not recommend sailing a rib with us if you suffer from neck, back, joint complaints or if you are pregnant. On the water, a wave can always cause an unexpected movement. For more information, please contact us.

What is the maximum speed of the ribs?2022-05-19T11:34:54+02:00

The maximum speed of our fleet is around 70 km per hour. But we certainly don’t drive that fast all the time. The weather conditions and water determine our maximum speed, safety comes first. We drive at a speed that pleases you as a guest. That is why people drive at varying speeds and often also tell something about sights along the way.

What exactly is a RIB?2022-05-19T11:41:12+02:00

The RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a fast boat with a hull made of aluminum or polyester. An air-filled rim has been fitted around this hull. The low weight, in combination with the rigid hull and a strong engine, make it a very seaworthy and maneuverable speedboat. RIBs are also called the 4x4s of the water.

Do you take care of transport?2022-05-19T11:26:40+02:00

Yes, we bring the ribs to the desired place by road. Sometimes we may not be able to enter the water there. We will find a solution together with you, for example in the form of a mobile crane.

Do you sail all year round?2022-05-19T11:22:56+02:00

We are also happy to be of service in winter.

Do you get wet in a rib?2022-05-19T11:27:30+02:00

Not in nice summer weather, but if the wind increases, the chance that you will get wet will increase. Of course you can get a little wet from splashes. Sailing suits are available when the weather conditions demand it.

Can I also rent a rib as a private individual?2022-05-19T11:40:04+02:00

At Ribrental we only rent out to events, sport coaches, media, government, business and other professionals.

Are you insured on board?2022-05-19T11:33:40+02:00

The ribs of more than 7 meters in our fleet have P&I coverage (passenger insurance / Protection & Indemnity ) with Knigthood. Lost glasses, telephones, handbags, etc. are not covered. If we sail with the media, the same applies. We are not responsible for the cameras and other materials you bring on board. How these are mounted is also up to you. The ribs do have good fixation points.

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