renting, how it works

Renting a rib with us is super easy. Find the process of renting a rib with us below.

Een testimonial van een tevreden klant die benadrukt hoe prettig het is om bij Ribrental te huren hier plaatsen.

Jantje Rib, Nederlandse Waterpsort

The request

You fill in the request form on our website.
If it is clear to us what you request we will send you a confirmation and an invoice per email within 48 hours. The deadline for payment of the invoice is the day before the rental period starts.

For some ribs we will ask for a deposit of 100 euros for fuel. When you have refueled the rib after use you will receive this deposit back from us.

Before the rental period starts

We contact you to make sure we have the right delivery location and delivery time.
If you can’t be present when we deliver the rib we will arrange a place where you can pick up the key.

During the rental period

Quite often we will also be present at the larger events. If not we will maintain contact about how things are going. This is usually per app.
If something isn’t to your liking or isn’t working properly, please let us know.
In the unlikely event of damage, please let us know immediately.
If there are noises/pressure differences in the engine that you do not trust, please give us a call. Our support team will call you about it and, when needed, will take the necessary action.

After the rental periode

You refuel the rib and then receive your deposit back by bank, or you do not refuel the rib, we will do that for you and deduct this from the deposit.
We meet at the agreed location
We will receive the rib and check with you whether there is any damage.

If there are damages for which the deductible has to be (partially) charged, we will contact you about this and a transparent quotation will follow.

Event, media and guest ribs
The skipper receives and checks all materials such as life jackets, sailing suits, etc. and checks the boat if nothing has been left behind.

After the check, he will inform you that the materials are complete and in good condition. When something is missing, we will check with you who has not returned their materials.
If materials are missing (this happens very rarely), we will have to charge you the purchase costs.The rented rib is refueled by us. We are of course looking at where we can refuel “cheap”. The fuel will be charged to you as an additional amount.

In the unlikely event that we have not spoken to each other on location, we will contact you by telephone afterwards to check whether everything has been to your liking.

Testimonial hier plaatsen die benadrukt hoe prettig het is om bij Ribrental te huren.

Jantje Rib, Nederlandse Waterpsort